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Design for you

The Cuule Kitchen. Culinary+Module

Sleek Design
The Cuule is a self-contained solution to your camp cooking needs.

Time Savings
Camper van builds can take months of work and expense. Our modules install in an hour and are ready to go.

Self Contained
Shipped to your door with every feature contained inside. You only need to fill it with water, install it, plug it in, and get out there!


Two Burner Stove
The Cuule comes with a two-burner stove that can be removed and set up at the campsite. You also have the option to include your own stove.

Wash Sink
An 8.5 L collapsable silicone sink is included along with a collapsable faucet. The sink can be removed for cleaning after your trip.

5 Gallon Water Tank
A 5-gallon sealed water tank and pump are included with the Cuule. A water heater upgrade is also an option.

Make it your own

Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module
Cuule Kitchen Module

Cuule Kitchen Module

The Cuule kitchen module fits into over 25 different vans, cars, trucks, and minivan models. Made to be self contained and sleek it will shorten your build time so that you can get out there and connect with nature. Pre-Order for $500 to reserve your module and get a discount on the $2500 retail price.


Do you have any questions?

How does this Module help me?
Camper Van builds can be time consuming and expensive. Our modules save you that time, money, and possible tears by being ready to go quickly.
Does this ship directly to my home?
Yes! It comes straight to your door with all needed components included.
How long will it take?
You are pre-ordering for a product about to go into production. We can't give you an exact date but will keep you posted.
What are the power requirements?
The water pump operates on 12VDC, which is the same as your vehicles electrical system.
Will there be other Modules in the future?
Yes! This is the first in a whole ecosystem of modules.
Is the Module easily removable?
Yes! This is the designed to be easily removed and stored away when not in use.
What else do you have planned?
LayoutHub is an easy page builder that helps merchants quickly set up an online store with any kind of page type by using our library of pre-designed layouts and blocks.
What else do you have planned?
We are building a modular universe of products and services.. Stay Tuned!!

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