We use the Mitsibishi Delica L300 unit as our base. It has the maneuverability and robust construction to meet the various needs of everyone.

The Far Reach

The Far Reach goes above and beyond comfort and good design. In addition to the features of the Orbiter this model has a Rebuilt Engine and Transmission, Tertiary Fuel Tanks, Solar Panel Electrical System, Rear Light Bar, Heated Floors, Under Body Tool Box, Emergency Kit, and Goal Zero Charging System. This Model has all the additions to get you out there for extended periods of time  in comfort.


The Orbiter

 The Orbiter is fully outfitted and ready to go.  Along with the reliability and safety of the base model the Orbiter also includes: additional exterior lighting, full kitchen module, a premium mattress that also fits the cradle roof rack for car top sleeping, an extended fuel capacity tank, and a new paint job in 4 color choices. The Orbiter will take you there and back.



The Moonbase

 The Moonbase is a solid platform from which to customize your own build. A roof top storage system saves on interior space for creature comforts. A full drive train inspection and repair ensures dependability and  an upgraded suspension and track system ensures safety.  The Moonbase will get you out there at an affordable price.




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