Model 001

Regular price $42,000.00
Our very first model that is built on the Delica Star Wagon base. You get the versatility of a compact, agile van combined with the robust four wheel drive turbo diesel power plant. This combination gives you the option of short weekend trips to your favorite spot or longer overland adventures.

Lovingly called the "Space Tractor" by enthusiast our camper van adaptation runs in two modes.

Transport Mode in which the interior is streamlined and open.

Habitat Mode which can be set up in less than 15 minutes and provides a comfortable place to cook, sleep, dream.

The electrical system is supplied by a Goal Zero 5920 power module. Charging can be obtained from shore power, vehicle power, solar panels, and a generator. There are numerous USB ports, A.C. plugs, and DC power points. This power module can be removed for campsite use and has battery expansion possibilities. 

Our interior lights are provided by the Helios modular touch lighting system which is expandable. The lights provide a warm calming light and privide a futuristic asetic to the interior.

External storage is provided by our roof rack system and unique pelican locking system. Internal storage can be expanded if needed.

When it is time to set up camp and cook your meals our swing out cabinet locks into place and you are ready in 5 minutes. A 30 gallon water tank and 25 gallon grey water tank will provide you with cooking and cleaning water. Your food is kept cold in the top loading Dometic refrigerator.


Range                                                                                          400 miles

Drive Train                                                                                 2.5 liter Turbo Diesel

Fuel                                                                                               Diesel

Ground Clearance                                                                      12"-18"

Height                                                                                           96"

Internal Space                                                                             60" x  84"

Power                                                                                            Goal Zero Yeti 1250

Lights                                                                                             Helios Touch

Water                                                                                              33 gallons fresh

Refrigeration                                                                                 Dometic CFX

Sleeping Platform Size                                                                40" x 75"