We are Moonshot Camper Vans

Moonshot Camper Vans builds well designed and well thought out expedition class camper vans that connect people to nature and each other. With an emphasis on nature without threat, community without crowding, and solitude without loneliness, Moonshot encourages people to unplug and get into nature so they will appreciate and protect the wild places they set out to explore. Robust enough for extended trips but easily handled in cities, Moonshot Camper Vans uniquely exists between the fun culture of #Vanlife and the gear heavy experiential state of Expedition Overland.

What makes us special?

We build camper vans that sit at the intersection of #Vanlife and Expedition Overland. In addition to what we offer as a product we are doing something that we are passionate about- Building the culture of living a life outside. We provide tools to help people unplug and rediscover their natural state. We want people to travel, have new experiences, create new friendships, and find the joy of connecting to something bigger- The natural world.


Our Founder

The vision for Moonshot started when Parker Whitehead was traveling through the Canyon Lands of Utah. He saw a number of one-off  camper vans being used as a movable home bases for active people that where hiking, biking, climbing, canoeing, and lounging about. He polled several owners to ask them where they had purchased their camper vans and was informed that for the most part the owners had built them on their own. With his background in Industrial Design , Startup business creation, vehicle fabrication, long distance hiking, and having lived in a camper van while working as a Yacht diver. Parker realized he possesed the unique skill set to solve the problem of there not being a consistent well built camper van for people that want to Get Out There. Parker also saw an opportunity to provide a cultural gathering place for a cause very important to him. Our Mission is to encourage people to have a connection to nature so that they would feel grateful and want protect the wild places.

We are a startup company that is built from the ground up after many hard lessons learned from a former business.
We are small, structured, strategic and give a damn about what we do.



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